Featured Publication Summaries

Researchers working on ExaSMR advance CFD–neutronics simulation tools

Scientists working on the Exascale Computing Project’s ExaSMR project have developed a comprehensive simulation framework targeting the entire small modular reactor (SMR) core, resolving foreseeable roadblocks to scaling up coupled simulations to the full core, such as the reduced order modeling of spacer grids and mixing vanes.

ExaStar developments transition astrophysics simulations to exascale

The ExaStar project is developing a software ecosystem for exascale architectures that will support  world-leading models of the mechanisms and observable consequences of a variety of stellar cataclysms.

Special Issue Paper reviews CoPA particle application advancements

The Exascale Computing Project’s (ECP’s) Co-design Center for Particle Applications (CoPA) aims to prepare particle applications for exascale computing.

Technical Highlights

ECP Brings Much Needed Visualization Software to Exascale and GPU-Accelerated Systems

The development of the VTK-m toolkit, a scientific visualization toolkit for emerging architectures, is a critical advancement in support of scientific visualization on exascale and GPU-accelerated systems for high-performance computing (HPC) users. VTK-m is needed because—counterintuitively—GPUs currently have software challenges when supporting large-scale scientific visualization tasks.

EXAALT Addresses the Accuracy, Length, and Time (ALT) Simulation Challenges So Scientists Can Study Longer Term Molecular Dynamic Behavior

The Exascale Atomistics for Accuracy, Length, and Time (EXAALT) project is an application development effort within the Exascale Computing Project’s (ECP) chemistry and materials portfolio. Its mission goal is to give scientists the ability to model the dynamics of systems of atoms over longer periods of time compared to the lengths of time they can study using current, standard methods – even when the standard methods are running at scale on large leadership-class supercomputers.

Modernizing Workflow Analysis to Assist in Supercomputer Procurements

The goal of the Exascale Computing Project (ECP) hardware evaluation (HE) group is to modernize the metrics and predictive analysis to guide US Department of Energy (DOE) supercomputer procurements.

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