Featured Publication Summaries

Team delivers review of mixed-precision numerical linear algebra algorithms for exascale computing

Researchers supported by the Exascale Computing Project (ECP) conducted the first comprehensive review of research examining the usefulness of mixed-precision algorithms to power exascale computations.

First effort to couple nonlinear gyrokinetic codes advances fusion whole-device simulations

This work extends the capabilities of exascale computing to fusion research and establishes the validity and scalability of the code-coupling approach for whole-device simulations.

Urban planning simulation tools examine impact of new development

A research team funded in part by the Exascale Computing Project has produced tools for assimilating high-resolution urban terrain into regional weather models, determining building-by-building meteorology, and for extremely fast generation of building simulations for energy use analysis.

Technical Highlights

A New Approach in the HYPRE Library Brings Performant GPU-based Algebraic MultiGrid to Exascale Supercomputers and the General HPC Community

First developed in 1998, the hypre team has adapted their cross-platform high performance library to support a variety of machine architectures over the years. Hypre supports scalable solvers and preconditioners that can be applied to large sparse linear systems on parallel computers.

EQSIM on Leadership Supercomputers Gives Engineers the End-to-End Ability to Assess Infrastructure Risk from Earthquakes

As part of the US Department of Energy’s Exascale Computing Project (ECP), the Earthquake Simulation (EQSIM) application development team is creating a computational tool set and workflow for earthquake hazard and risk assessment that moves beyond the traditional empirically based techniques which are dependent on historical earthquake data.

Clacc – An Open Source OpenACC Compiler and Source Code Translation Project

Clacc is a Software Technology development effort funded by the US Exascale Computing Project (ECP) PROTEAS-TUNE project to develop production OpenACC compiler support for Clang and the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Project (LLVM).

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