Training Events

Upcoming Events

ALCF/ECP CMake Workshop

ECP and the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility are partnering with Kitware to host an in-depth CMake Workshop held online from July 15-17, 2020.

What’s new in Spack?

The webinar will provide an overview of new features available in Spack. Spack is a package manager for scientific computing: it makes installing scientific software easy and it is agnostic to computer languages.

Kokkos Online Class Series

The Kokkos team will provide its first Kokkos Lecture Series, where attendees learn everything necessary to start using Kokkos to write performance portable code. This online series will consist of a 2-hour online lecture every Friday and exercises as homework. Support will be provided via GitHub and Slack throughout the time of the training.

Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing 2020

ATPESC is an intensive two-week training on the key skills, approaches, and tools to design, implement, and execute applications on current and next-generation supercomputers. Lectures will be given by renowned computer scientists, and participants will be granted access to some of the world’s most powerful supercomputers.

Colormapping Strategies for Large Multivariate Data in Scientific Applications

The webinar will discuss the effective use of colors in scientific visualization, and introduce concepts that can help developers make design decisions when writing simulation codes, to make better use of visualization tools.

Past Events

Strategies for Working Remotely Panel Discussion – Virtual Onboarding and Mentoring

Several laboratories have onboarded interns and new team members to work remotely with geographically dispersed teams. What are some lessons learned and best practices that we can take away from this experience? Staff members of DOE laboratories will speak about their experiences in onboarding and mentoring new hires virtually.

Parallel I/O with HDF5 and Performance Tuning Techniques

This presentation is designed for users who have had exposure to HDF5 and MPI I/O and would like to learn about doing parallel I/O with the HDF5 library. Our main goal is to make our users aware of how to avoid poor I/O performance when using parallel HDF5 library and equip them with the tools to investigate performance.

SYCL – Introduction and Best Practices

The webinar provided an overview of SYCL, a single source heterogeneous programming model based on standard C++ that is hardware agnostic and offers portability across a variety of computer platforms. The webinar covered the core concepts of SYCL and included examples to highlight its key features.