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SYCL – Introduction and Best Practices

The webinar will provide an overview of SYCL, a single source heterogeneous programming model based on standard C++ that is hardware agnostic and offers portability across a variety of computer platforms. The webinar will cover the core concepts of SYCL and will include examples to highlight its key features.

Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing 2020

ATPESC is an intensive two-week training on the key skills, approaches, and tools to design, implement, and execute applications on current and next-generation supercomputers. Lectures will be given by renowned computer scientists, and participants will be granted access to some of the world’s most powerful supercomputers.

Past Events

ALCF/ECP UPC++ Webinar

UPC++: An Asynchronous RMA/RPC Library for Distributed C++ Applications UPC++ is a C++ library providing classes and functions that support Partitioned Global Address Space (PGAS) programming. The UPC++ API offers

Strategies for Working Remotely: Making the Transition to Virtual Software Teams

As working remotely has suddenly become a near-universal experience, many software teams are now functioning as completely virtual teams.  This panel brings together staff members of DOE laboratories, who will speak about experiences in recent transitions from co-located and partially distributed software teams to fully virtual software teams.

Accelerating Numerical Software Libraries with Multi-Precision Algorithms

Multi-precision arithmetic can lead to performance gains while preserving solution quality for various algorithms in computational sciences. The webinar will dicuss multi-precision algorithms that have proven successful and elaborate on their realization and usage. The webinar will focus on lessons learned and generally applicable strategies.