Upcoming Events

E4S at NERSC 2022

The Extreme-scale Scientific Software Stack (E4S) is a collection of open source packages for running scientific applications on high performance computing platforms. In this event, the presenters will describe the components of E4S, discuss related activities in the Exascale Computing Project, and give an overview of E4S stacks installed at NERSC.

What Can Be Learned from Applying Team of Teams Principles to the ECP projects PETSc, Trillinos, xSDK, and E4S?

We consider how, why, and when three distributed teams may and may not function as Teams of Teams, and when applying Team of Teams principles might benefit. We present strategies centered around developing engaged and productive virtual software teams and offer a deeper dive into these communities.

OpenMP Users Monthly Telecons by ECP SOLLVE

The ECP SOLLVE project, which is working to evolve OpenMP for Exascale computing, invites you to participate in a new series of monthly telecons that will occur on the last Friday of every month.  The next call in the series will take place on Friday, August 26th, between noon and 1:00 pm ET.

Focus on Ally Skills

This talk explains why focusing on teaching ally skills to people with power and influence is more effective than changing the behavior of marginalized people. It then describes a dozen specific ally skills such as listening, amplifying marginalized voices, and speaking up when it is uncomfortable. It ends with a 20 minute question and answer perio

Software Packaging

This webinar discusses software packaging practices to accelerate development and facilitate re-use. After a survey of packaging technologies and ideas that are popular in scientific software, it covers some real-world examples and some simple steps to make connections between software deployment and package use.

Template Task Graph: a Task Programming Paradigm for Irregular Applications

The tutorial will introduce the Template Task Graph (TTG) programming paradigm, which enables a straightforward expression of task parallelism for algorithms dealing with irregular and unbalanced data sets. The tutorial will describe the installation of TTG on ECP platforms and other environments, and show how to integrate TTG with applications.

Past Events

Effective Strategies for Writing Proposal Work Plans for Research Software

The webinar will discuss strategies for writing proposals involving research software development, to help persuade reviewers that the project can be achieved. The speaker will survey software project scoping, estimation methods, requirements specification, etc., and suggest strategies for maximizing the impact of these artifacts within a proposal.

Coordinating Dynamic Ensembles of Computations with libEnsemble

This tutorial will introduce libEnsemble, a Python toolkit for coordinating asynchronous and dynamic ensembles of calculations across massively parallel resources. The tutorial will include examples to demonstrate how libEnsemble’s mix-and-match approach can help interface libraries and applications with exascale-level resources.

Growing preCICE from an as-is Coupling Library to a Sustainable, Batteries-included Ecosystem

The webinar will discuss the evolution of preCICE, from a coupling library for fluid-structure interaction problems used by a few academic groups, to a complete coupling ecosystem used worldwide for a wide range of applications. The presenter will discuss lessons learned that can help any research software project grow in a sustainable way.


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