Training Events

Upcoming Events

HDF5 User Group Meeting (HUG 2020)

Join the HDF Group and NERSC for a virtual HDF5 User Group Meeting on October 13-16, 2020. A hands-on tutorial on HDF5 performance tuning techniques will be held on October 13, and technical and invited talks will be held on October 14-16.

Scalable Precision Tuning of Numerical Software

This webinar will discuss tools for tuning the precision of floating-point programs. The tools conduct a data-driven approach to search over the types of floating-point variables to lower their precision given accuracy constraints and performance goals. The webinar will discuss opportunities for scalable precision tuning of HPC applications.

Strategies for Working Remotely Panel Series – Sustainable Hybrid Approaches

In Spring 2020 many workers abruptly transitioned from a primarily on-site to a primarily remote work experience. Many people will be (or already are) transitioning to a hybrid experience. In this panel discussion we explore teams who are blended remote and on site, and how to be effective and efficient in long-term hybrid settings.

UPC++: An Asynchronous RMA/RPC Library for Distributed C++ Applications

This tutorial will introduce basic concepts and advanced optimization techniques of UPC++. The presenters will discuss the UPC++ memory and execution models and examine basic algorithm implementations. Participants will gain hands-on experience incorporating UPC++ features into several application examples.

Past Events

The Second Extreme-scale Scientific Software Stack Forum (E4S Forum)

This forum is the first in a series of events that will highlight key components of Extreme-scale Scientific Software Stack (E4S), a comprehensive and coherent software stack that will enable application developers to productively write highly parallel applications that can portably target diverse exascale architectures.

Testing and Code Review Practices in Research Software Development

The webinar will cover the relevance of software testing and peer code review in the development of research software. The webinar will discuss the motivation, challenges, barriers, and necessary improvements to make those two practices effective for research software development.

Kokkos Online Class Series

The Kokkos team will provide its first Kokkos Lecture Series, where attendees learn everything necessary to start using Kokkos to write performance portable code. This online series will consist of a 2-hour online lecture every Friday and exercises as homework. Support will be provided via GitHub and Slack throughout the time of the training.