New oneAPI Center of Excellence at University of Utah with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The University of Utah announces the creation of a new oneAPI Center of Excellence focused on developing portable, scalable, and performant data compression techniques

Source: The Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute


ECP Application Will Deliver Molecular Movies in Minutes

Amedeo Perazzo has a guarantee for researchers who want to see a movie of molecular behavior: You can have data in 10 minutes

Source: ECP


Advancing Operating Systems and On-Node Runtime HPC Ecosystem Performance and Integration

The goal of the ATDM OS/R project is to augment and optimize existing operating system and runtime (OS/R) components for production high-performance computing (HPC)

Source: ECP


HPCToolkit enhancements target improved performance analysis for exascale era

A team funded by the Exascale Computing Project is preparing to release a new version of HPCToolkit, a suite of performance analysis tools

Source: ECP

what are exascale and the Exascale Computing Project?

Exascale is the next milestone achievement in computing, offering 1,000 times more speed and power than today’s most advanced supercomputers. The US Department of Energy’s ECP aims to ensure that all the necessary pieces are in place for the nation’s first exascale systems.

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