The Exascale Computing Project is accelerating delivery of a capable exascale computing ecosystem for breakthroughs in scientific discovery, energy assurance, economic competitiveness, and national security.

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First Exascale Computer by 2021

Intel Corporation and the US Department of Energy will build the first supercomputer with a performance of one exaFLOP in the United States.

Comprehensive Molecular Dynamics Capability

The EXAALT project is working to improve molecular dynamics codes and prepare them to exploit the power and performance of exascale.

The EZ Project Focuses on Providing Fast, Effective Exascale Lossy Compression for Scientific Data

Senior computer scientist Franck Cappello leads an effort to compress and reduce the enormous scientific data sets that some of the ECP applications are producing.

Leadership Team

The ECP leadership team is composed of some of the brightest minds from U.S. national laboratories.

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Research Focus Areas

The ECP is organized by three major research focus areas: Application Development, Software Technology, and Hardware and Integration.

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Industry Council

An advisory body serving ECP leadership, the Industry Council provides two-way communication between the ECP and industry as well as the high-performance computing software community.

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