Panel Series on Strategies for Working Remotely

Upcoming Events

Strategies for Working Remotely Panel Series – How to Make Teams Tick

In response to the need for many to transition to unplanned remote work, the IDEAS-ECP Productivity project launched the panel series Strategies for Working Remotely. This panel discussion “How to Make Virtual Teams Tick” addresses ways to bring teams who have been disrupted by change back into balance.

Past Events

Strategies for Working Remotely Panel Discussion – Virtual Onboarding and Mentoring

Several laboratories have onboarded interns and new team members to work remotely with geographically dispersed teams. What are some lessons learned and best practices that we can take away from this experience? Staff members of DOE laboratories will speak about their experiences in onboarding and mentoring new hires virtually.

Strategies for Working Remotely: Making the Transition to Virtual Software Teams

As working remotely has suddenly become a near-universal experience, many software teams are now functioning as completely virtual teams.  This panel brings together staff members of DOE laboratories, who will speak about experiences in recent transitions from co-located and partially distributed software teams to fully virtual software teams.

Strategies for Working Remotely: Challenges Faced by Parents Who are Working Remotely, and Overcoming Them

While working remotely is challenging enough, many are currently experiencing unique complexities involved with parenting, transitioning to online school at home, and work. This panel brought together ECP staff members, a new staff member on-boarding with a National Lab, and a Montessori educator to share ideas and provide resources to assist.