Webinar: Facilitating Electronic Structure Calculations on GPU-Based Exascale Platforms

GPUs accelerators offer the prospect of speeding up ab initio molecular dynamics and other large-scale first-principles atomistic simulations

Source: ECP


Predicting the Future of Fission Power

Alternatives to carbon-producing energy sources are becoming ever more imperative as climate change shows its effects on the Earth and in our daily lives

Source: ECP


Clover: A Trifecta of Vendor-Agnostic, GPU-Accelerated Numerical Libraries

Numerical libraries have an enormous impact on scientific computing because they act as the gateway middleware that enables many applications to run on state-of-the-art

Source: ECP

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ECP's ExaSGD Project

ExaSGD is developing algorithms and techniques to address new challenges to the nation's power grid and optimize its response to many potential disruption events

Source: ECP

What are exascale and the Exascale Computing Project?

Exascale is the next milestone achievement in computing, offering 1,000 times more speed and power than today’s most advanced supercomputers. The US Department of Energy’s ECP aims to ensure that all the necessary pieces are in place for the nation’s first exascale systems.

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