Earth and Space Science

Lead: Daniel Martin, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

The research in this area spans fundamental scientific questions, from the origin of the universe and chemical elements to planetary processes and interactions affecting life and longevity. These application areas treat phenomena where controlled and fine resolution data collection is extremely difficult or infeasible, and, in many cases, fundamental simulations are our best source of data to confirm scientific observations.


Exascale Models of Stellar Explosions

Objective: Demystify Origin of Chemical Elements

What is the origin of the elements? Behavior of matter at extreme densities? Source of gravity waves?

Lead: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Principal Investigators: Daniel Kasen, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Computing at the Extreme Scales

Objective: Cosmological Probe of the Standard Model of Particle Physics

Unravel key unknowns in the dynamics of the universe: dark energy, dark matter, and inflation

Lead: Argonne National Laboratory

Principal Investigators: Salman Habib, Argonne National Laboratory


High-Performance, Multidisciplinary Simulations for Regional-Scale Earthquake Hazard/ Risk Assessments

Objective: Earthquake Hazard Risk Assessment

Replace conservative and costly earthquake retrofits with safe purpose-fit retrofits and designs

Lead: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Principal Investigators: David McCallen, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Exascale Subsurface Simulator of Coupled Flow, Transport, Reactions, and Mechanics

Objective: Carbon Capture, Fossil Fuel Extraction, Waste Disposal

Reliably guide safe long-term consequential decisions about storage, sequestration, and exploration

Lead: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Principal Investigators: Carl Steefel, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Cloud-Resolving Climate Modeling of the Earth’s Water Cycle

Objective: Accurate Regional Impact Assessment in Earth Systems

Forecast water resources and severe weather with increased confidence; address food supply changes

Lead: Sandia National Laboratories

Principal Investigators: Mark Taylor, Sandia National Laboratories

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