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ECP project optimizes lossy compression methods to manage big science data volumes

Scientists working on the VeloC-SZ project have optimized SZ, an error-bounded prediction-based lossy compression model.

New model seeks to make cloud–atmospheric process simulations faster, more cost-efficient

Researchers supported by the Exascale Computing Project have developed a Multiscale Modelling Framework (MMF) configuration of E3SM, which involves embedding a limited-area cloud resolving model into each column of the global E3SM model.

ALPINE project tests novel algorithm for in situ exascale data analysis

Researchers working with the Exascale Computing Project (ECP) have demonstrated a novel moment invariant pattern detection algorithm to drive in situ pattern recognition during simulations running on high-performance computing architectures.

ECP-funded scientists examine Julia’s usefulness for quantum chemistry software development

Researchers working under the Exascale Computing Project have shown that JuliaChem, a quantum chemistry software written with the Julia programming language, can deliver effective performance, superior ease of use, and improved scalability of calculations compared to the most commonly used applications.

CEED project examines scalability and performance of key algorithms for HPC applications

Researchers working with the Exascale Computing Project’s Center for Efficient Exascale Discretization recently published findings of investigations they conducted into performance trade-offs for compute-intensive kernels in scientific computing applications.

Novel algorithm improves supervised learning training methods

Researchers funded by the Exascale Computing Project have developed a new algorithm that improves kernel ridge regression methods used for supervised learning problems.