Exascale Day Audio


Views concerning the importance of exascale computing to the advancement of various areas of scientific discovery.


Impact AreaCommenterTime
Science and Engineering ApplicationsRick Stevens1:40
Machine Learning/Artificial IntelligenceAi Kagawa0:35
Combustion ScienceJackie Chen1:39
Computational Materials ScienceDanny Perez2:14
Cosmological ScienceKatrin Heitmann1:52
Data Management and AnalysisKathryn Mohror2:47
Computational PhysicsMeifeng Lin1:58
Discretization AlgorithmsTzanio Kolev1:47
Metagenomic DataKathy Yelick and Lenny Oliker12:40
Nuclear Reactor DesignSteven Hamilton2:46
Particle AcceleratorsJean-Luc Vay2:00
Whole Device Modeling for Fusion EnergyTim Williams, Aaron Scheinberg, Kai Germaschewski, and Bryce Allen49:13
Cosmological ScienceNicholas Frontiere, Steve Rangel, JD Emberson, and Michael Buehlmann22:02
Earthquake Risk AssessmentBrian Homerding and Houjun Tang18:43
Mathematical Libraries/Algorithm ImprovementSherry Li2:11
Additive ManufacturingJohn Turner2:35
Science and Engineer ApplicationsDoug Kothe29:47
Discovery and Insights in ResearchBrandon Draeger1:33
Free Electron Laser ResearchAriana Peck2:38
Cosmological ScienceSalman Habib2:04
National SecurityMarianne Francois2:00
Climate ModelingWalter Hannah1:45
Discovery and Insights in ResearchDoug Kothe24:01
Discovery and Insights in ResearchJustin Whitt9:37
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