Articles on Exascale Computing


Stories and opinions that explore the many ways in which exascale computing will transform research and improve our lives.


Optimizing a deep learning framework for cancer research for AuroraNils HeinonenANL
Aurora software development: Bringing the OCCA open-source library to exascaleNils HeinonenANL
Porting a computational chemistry code to exascale architecturesNils HeinonenANL
Argonne and Oak Ridge National Laboratories Award Codeplay Software to Further Strengthen SYCL Support Extending the Open Standard Software for AMD GPUsCodeplayANL
Porting ATLAS experiment codes to exascale architecturesNils HeinonenANL
Aurora software development: Preparing profiling tools for exascaleNils HeinonenANL
Porting a particle-in-cell code to exascale architecturesNils HeinonenANL
Preparing a cosmological simulation code for exascale systemsNils HeinonenANL
Preparing an earthquake risk assessment application for exascaleNils HeinonenANL
Preparing for exascale: Argonne’s Aurora to accelerate discoveries in particle physics at CERNJohn SpizzirriANL
Argonne scientists collaborate to create first full-core pin-resolved nuclear reactor modelJared SagoffANL
Preparing for exascale: Aurora supercomputer to help scientists visualize the spread of cancerJoan KokaANL
ALCF’s new Polaris testbed supercomputer to help pave the way to exascaleJim CollinsANL
Argonne, New York Power Authority plan for the future in a changing climateLiz ThompsonANL
Now in 3D: Deep learning techniques help visualize X-ray data in three dimensionsAndre SallesANL
Helping companies use high-performance computing to improve U.S. manufacturingLiz ThompsonANL
Caterpillar and Argonne project shifts heavy-duty engine design into higher gearLiz ThompsonANL
A Decade in the Life of NyxShaun NicholsLBNL
How AMReX is Influencing the Exascale LandscapeKathy KincadeLBNL
Cracking Open Strong Field Quantum ElectrodynamicsWilliam SchulzLBNL
Berkeley Lab Targets Exascale with Perlmutter and NESAPLBNLLBNL
Pioneering Frontier: Planning AheadCoury TurczynORNL
Pioneering Frontier: Keeping the Power OnCoury TurczynORNL
Pioneering Frontier: Staying on TrackRachel McDowellORNL
Pioneering Frontier: Managing MilestonesCoury TurczynORNL
Pioneering Frontier: Planning Against PitfallsMatt LakinORNL
Pioneering Frontier: Forging a New CompilerCoury TurczynORNL
Pioneering Frontier: Fine-Tuning 'Serial No. 1'Matt LakinORNL
Pioneering Frontier: Test-Driving with "User Zero"Matt LakinORNL
Pioneering Frontier: Packaging a User-Friendly Supercomputer EnvironmentCoury TurczynORNL
Pioneering Frontier: Meeting Industry at ScaleRachel McDowellORNL
OLCF Announces Storage Specifications For Frontier Exascale SystemMatt LakinORNL
Powering FrontierRachel McDowellORNL
Making Room for FrontierWill WellsORNL
Stunning Specs: What's Inside the Nation's First Exascale Supercomputer Facility?Rachel McDowellORNL
Building an Exascale-Class Data CenterCoury TurczynORNL
Powering up: LLNL prepares for exascale with massive energy & water upgradeLLNLLLNL
Contributing capabilities to E3SM-MMFLANLLANL
Early access systems at LLNL mark progress toward El CapitanLLNLLLNL
Aurora Exascale System To Advance Dark Matter Research Linda BarneyIntel
Aurora Exascale System To Advance Cosmology Research: Building the Universe in a SupercomputerLinda BarneyIntel
NWChemEx: Computational Chemistry Code for the Exascale EraLinda BarneyIntel
Quantum Monte Carlo at Exascale Could Be Key to Finding New Semiconductor MaterialsLinda BarneyIntel
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