Monthly Archives: October 2022

Providing Exascale-Class Multiphysics Simulation Capability to Multiple Science Domains

Flash-X, a multiphysics simulation software package, integrates tools that provide a performance portability solution for exascale computing.

Whole-Device Modeling Could Advance Scientists’ Understanding of Plasmas for Fusion Energy

An exascale application will inform experiments on the world's largest fusion energy platform and the design of next-step fusion facilities.

Exascale Day: At long last, the exascale era is here

Exascale Day, 10/18, pays homage to the power of exascale computing, in which systems are capable of performing 10^18 calculations per second.

Exascale Day Article: Moving toward advances in brain mapping using exascale supercomputers

Helping solve the brain's many mysteries requires creating comprehensive maps to identify the locations and connections of its neurons.

ExaBiome Brings Metagenomics into the Exascale Era

ExaBiome combines new technology with exascale computing for computational biologists to perform much more regular large-scale analyses.

Propelling Clean Wind Energy

ECP-supported researchers have created software that will use exascale computing to help wind farms more efficiently produce clean energy.

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