Exascale Modeling of Advanced Particle Accelerators with WarpX

Particle accelerators have become vital tools in medicine and industry, from treating cancer with radiation therapy to manufacturing semiconductors for computer chips.

Primarily developed to simulate plasma-based particle accelerators, WarpX is the first particle-in-cell code for kinetic plasma simulations that is optimized for parallel computing on CPU- and GPU-based computers incorporating mesh refinement. It produces faster, larger, and higher-fidelity 3D models of laser-matter interactions.

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Using the Frontier supercomputer, the WarpX team produced a 3D simulation at scale of their own novel concept: a combined plasma particle injector and accelerator, which focuses a high-power femtosecond (1 quadrillionth of a second) laser onto a hybrid solid/gas target. The simulation’s predictions were later validated by a proof-of-concept experiment performed on the Salle Jaune laser at Laboratoire d’Optique Appliquée in France by Adrien Leblanc and other CEA collaborators. Image credit: Dave Pugmire/ORNL