DAOS: Next-Generation Data Management for Exascale


The Distributed Asynchronous Object Storage (DAOS) is an open-source, scale-out object store designed from the ground up for massively distributed Non-Volatile Memory (NVM). DAOS takes advantage of next-generation NVM technology, like Storage Class Memory (SCM) and NVM express (NVMe), and is extremely lightweight since it operates end-to-end in user space with full OS bypass. DAOS offers a shift away from an I/O model designed for block-based and high-latency storage to one that inherently supports fine-grained data access and unlocks the performance of the next-generation storage technologies. This presentation introduced the key concepts behind DAOS and the software ecosystem enabling this technology. The presentation provided details on the DAOS deployment on Aurora and how applications can benefit from this new storage tier.


  • Ray Loy (ALCF)
  • Yasaman Ghadar (ALCF)

Presentation materials