ECP has Established the Leadership Scientific Software (LSSw) Portal to Engage with the Broader Technical Community

LSSw town hall (Zoom) meetings are open to all, starting September 16.

binary code abstractionA crucial objective of the US Department of Energy’s Exascale Computing Project (ECP) during its final years is to transition the project’s efforts to a sustainable organization and model for continued development and delivery of future capabilities. The initiative encompasses the incorporation of new scientific software domains and the expansion of the contributor and user communities. Accordingly, ECP has established what is called the Leadership Scientific Software (LSSw) portal where anyone interested in engaging can sign up for LSSw town hall (Zoom) meetings—the first of which is September 16, 3:00 p.m.–4:30 p.m. ET—join an LSSw Slack workspace, and opt-in for a mail list that will announce LSSw events.

The LSSw portal is dedicated to supporting communication and community building toward the sustainable development and delivery of Leadership Scientific Software, which ECP defines as libraries, tools, and environments that contribute to scientific discovery and insight in new and emerging computing environments. The ultimate aim of the software is to push the boundary of feasibility and enable larger scale, higher fidelity, and greater integration of advanced computing ecosystems. The town halls, Slack workspace, and mail list exist to provide several venues for people interested in learning about and contributing to the LSSw conversation.

ECP is developing many of the important enabling technologies required for obtaining functionality and performance on upcoming exascale computers. As part of this effort, the ECP Software Technology focus area has established a macro-engineering software lifecycle to plan, execute, track, and assess product development toward the delivery of a curated portfolio of reusable, open-source software products called the Extreme-scale Scientific Software Stack, or E4S.

The website—which currently redirects to the site—is the main portal for the LSSw community.