High Energy Physics (HEP)

Let’s Talk Exascale Code Development: HACC

This time, ECP's special podcast series on preparing code for the Aurora exascale supercomputer takes a look at the cosmological code HACC.

Supporting Scientific Discovery and Data Analysis in the Exascale Era

ECP's Data and Visualization portfolio is delivering data management software to store, save state, share, and facilitate the analysis of exascale data.

Creating the Ability to Design Smaller, Cheaper Particle Accelerators

The WarpX project is developing an exascale application for plasma accelerator research that will pave the way for new breeds of virtual experiments.

Delivering Exascale Machine Learning Algorithms and Tools for Scientific Research

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analytics are converging with high-performance computing to advance scientific discovery.

Aiming to be among the First Applications to Run at Exascale

The ExaSky project conducts extreme-scale simulations to further our understanding of the makeup and evolution of the universe.

High Precision for Studying the Building Blocks of the Universe

The work of a project team in what is called lattice quantum chromodynamics is a critical complement to experimentation in particle and nuclear physics.

Flying Through the Universe with Supercomputing Power (coverage by insideHPC)

  insideHPC: https://insidehpc.com/2019/01/video-flying-through-the-universe-with-supercomputing-power/

Aiming to Simulate the Universe with Maximal Computing Power

At the SC18 supercomputing conference in Dallas recently, Salman Habib of Argonne National Laboratory chatted with ECP Communications about cosmological computer modeling and simulation.

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