Monthly Archives: July 2021

Optimizing the North American Power Grid to Improve Reliability and Support Grid Decarbonization

The ExaSGD project wants to enable the day-to-day operation of the national power grid to hold a large number of renewable power sources.

ECP Selects DOD’s Frances (Fran) Hill as Co-Chair of Its Industry and Agency Council

Frances (Fran) Hill will co-chair ECP's Industry and Agency Council alongside Dave Kepczynski, Council chair since April 2018.

The History of the Exascale Project and How Frontier Solves the Four Exascale Challenges

Al Geist on the history of the Exascale Computing Project

Let’s Talk Exascale Code Development: WDMapp—XGC, GENE, GEM

The latest in the code-for-Aurora series explores an app aimed at high-fidelity whole device modeling of magnetically confined fusion plasmas.

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