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Digging into the Difficulties and Solutions in Reaching the Exascale

At insideHPC, Doug Black outlines the formidable set of technical challenges that revolves around engineering exascale-level supercomputers.

Nextgov Article Conveys the Essence, Aims of Exascale Awareness Week

Writer Brandi Vincent on Nextgov hits the highlights of the recent Exascale Awareness Week leading up to Exascale Day, October 18, 2020.

Early Science Program to Prepare Scientific Applications for Aurora

Early Science Program efforts at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility are paving the way for the future Aurora exascale supercomputer.

Machine Learning, Neural Networks Probe the Interactions of Water Molecules

An article by Pacific Northwest National Laboratories on shares how machine learning algorithms, the basis of neural networks, are bringing new scientific discoveries closer to reality.

Intel Executive Discusses Engagement with Energy Department, Argonne, and ECP

Intel executive Trish Damkroger shares her excitement over exascale computing and the design of the Aurora supercomputer.

Exascale Day Audio: Ai Kagawa

Transcript: Hello, my name’s Ai Kagawa from Brookhaven National Lab. My area of research, and something I’m quite passionate about, is reinforcement

Science at Exascale: The Art of Dealing with the Tension Between More and Less Data

By Franck Cappello1 with Bogdan Nicolae1, Sheng Di1, Kathryn Mohror2, Adam Moody2 and Greg Kosinovsky2 1Argonne National Laboratory 2Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory   Exascale will undoubtedly mark a historical milestone

Modernizing Computing to Usher in the Next Generation of Scientific Discoveries

By Pat McCormick Exascale can mean different things based on your experience and the role you play in taking our computing capabilities to the next

Collaboration at Exascale

By Ulrike Meier Yang The pursuit of exascale promises larger and faster computers capable of performing increasingly more complex simulations at

Exascale Computing: A Time for Introspection

by Sameer Shende As we near this important milestone in High Performance Computing, I believe we may need to step back and examine the key choices we

Exascale Computing Project Software Ecosystem and Delivery

By Todd Munson A vibrant, high-quality software ecosystem is essential to realizing the full potential of exascale computing resources in helping

Exascale Day Audio: Jackie Chen

Transcript: Hi, I’m Jackie Chen. I’m a computational combustion scientist at Sandia National Labs in the Combustion Research Facility. I’m the

Exascale Day Audio: Steven Hamilton

Transcript: My name is Steven Hamilton and I work in the Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Within the Exascale

Exascale Day Audio: Tzanio Kolev

Transcript: My name is Tzanio Kolev and I am a computational mathematician at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. I am also the director of the

Exascale Day Audio: Meifeng Lin

Transcript: I am Meifeng Lin from Brookhaven National Laboratory. I am a computational scientist and the group leader of high-performance computing

Exascale Day Audio: Katrin Heitmann

Transcript: I’m Katrin Heitmann of Argonne National Laboratory, and I’m part of the High Energy Physics division at Argonne. My area of research is

Exascale Day Audio: Kathryn Mohror

Transcript: I’m Kathryn Mohror from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and I work in the area of I/O [input/output] for high-performance

Exascale Day Audio: Jean-Luc Vay

Transcript: Hi, I’m Jean-Luc Vay from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. I’m the PI [principal investigator] of one of the exascale computing

Exascale Day Audio: Danny Perez

Transcript: My name is Danny Perez from the Theoretical Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Since my days as an undergraduate, I have been

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