Software Ecosystem and Delivery

Lead: Todd Munson, Argonne National Laboratory

This new technical area of the ECP software group provides important enabling technologies such as software build, test and integration tools, in particular Spack, and containers environments that leverage emerging industry standards for portable execution adapted to leadership computing platforms. This area also provides the critical resources and staffing that will enable ECP ST to perform continuous integration testing and product releases.

E4S and SDK Efforts

Objective: Increase the interoperability, availability, quality, and sustainability of the software technologies being developed in the exascale computing project

The large number of software technologies being delivered to the application developers poses challenges, especially if the application needs to use more than one technology at the same time. The Software Development Kit (SDK) efforts identify meaningful aggregations of products within the programming models and runtimes, development tools, and data and visualization technical areas, with the goal of increasing the interoperability, availability and quality.

Principal Investigators: Sameer Shende, University of Oregon

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