Hardware and Integration


Hardware and Integration Area Technical Lead: Bronis R. de Supinski, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

PathForward is the follow-on to FastForward and DesignForward and seeks vendor solutions that will maximize energy efficiency while improving the performance (including overall time to solution and scientific delivery), productivity, and reliability of key US Department of Energy extreme-scale applications. In their Request for Proposals responses, vendors detailed their visions for complete conceptual system designs and how the proposed hardware architecture research would ensure that their road maps address ECP mission needs that existing market forces would otherwise not ensure. The responses also discussed how the proposed R&D will impact the commercialization/business strategy for the company’s high-performance computing and high-performance data analytics efforts. Evaluation of the responses led to the funding of six awardees: AMD, Cray, HPE, Intel, IBM and NVIDIA. The specific vendor PathForward projects involved are listed below.