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From insideHPC: PASC19 Panel Discussion on Software for Exascale and Beyond

Lois Curfman McIness and Rich Brueckner moderated a PASC19 Conference panel discussion centered on challenges in developing productive and sustainable software. 

Update with Director Doug Kothe—July 2019

Listen to the latest interview with ECP Director Doug Kothe through ECP's Let's Talk Exascale podcast.

Assessing Progress, Considering ECP’s Enduring Legacy, and More

The latest issue of ECP Update again presents a comprehensive interview with ECP Director Doug Kothe covering a variety of topics.

Robustly Delivering Highly Accurate Computer Simulations of Complex Materials

ECP has assembled a team of experts to prepare simulation software to find, predict, and control materials and properties at the quantum level.

CEED’s Impact on Exascale Computing Project (ECP) Efforts is Wide-Ranging

ECP's Center for Efficient Exascale Discretizations is helping applications leverage future architectures by developing state-of-the-art discretization algorithms that better exploit the hardware and deliver a significant performance gain over conventional methods.

ECP Researcher Earns Esteemed Presidential Early Career Award

Jordan Musser of the National Energy Technology Laboratory and ECP is among more than 300 early-career researchers to earn a White House award.

John Turner Gives Presentations in Europe on the ExaAM Project

Conferences focused on problems in multidisciplinary coupling and computational methods were the settings for presentations on ECP's ExaAM project.

Exascale Computing is Expected to Support a Wide Array of Climate Science Studies

E3SM-MMF principal investigator Mark Taylor recently shared how exascale computing is likely to impact the development of global Earth system models.

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