Focus Area: Software Technology

E4S Deployments Boost Industry’s Acceptance and Use of Accelerators

Industry leaders reflected on successful deployments of the Exascale Computing Project’s (ECP’s)  Extreme-Scale Scientific Software Stack (E4S).

Building a Capable Computing Ecosystem for Exascale and Beyond

The Exascale Era is here.

The History of the Exascale Project and How Frontier Solves the Four Exascale Challenges

Al Geist on the history of the Exascale Computing Project

Let’s Talk Exascale Code Development: WDMapp—XGC, GENE, GEM

The latest in the code-for-Aurora series explores an app aimed at high-fidelity whole device modeling of magnetically confined fusion plasmas.

Exascale Computing Project Portfolio Presentation Videos

The Exascale Computing Project has made available a compilation of brief, high-level presentations about some of its project portfolios.

Reducing the Memory Footprint and Data Movement on Exascale Systems

The ZFP software development effort is tackling the critical task of overcoming the performance cost of data movement for exascale computing.

ECP Software Technology Capability Assessment Report V2.0 is Released

An update from the Exascale Computing Project (ECP) gives the latest overview and assessment of ECP Software Technology capabilities and activities for stakeholders and the broader HPC community.

The Ginkgo Library Project is Developing a Vision for Multiprecision Algorithms

Synchronized efforts within the Exascale Computing Project are exploring the use of multiprecision algorithms to achieve faster computation and communication.

R&D 100 Award-winning Software Enables I/O Performance Portability and Code Progress

Researchers involved with an input/output software product describe how it will enable users of high-performance computing systems to roll with the rapid pace of change.

Codes to Solve Multiphysics Problems

The Ristra project, which is creating a set of codes targeting national-security-relevant multiphysics problems, is making solid progress both in terms of the physics needs and in demonstrating new computer science technologies.

ECP Speakers at User Forum

April 1–3 at the HPC User Forum in Santa Fe, NM, team members from the Exascale Computing Project (ECP) gave talks on the ExaLearn Co-Design Center and activities in the development of software technologies. The videos were captured and published by the high-performance computing Industry blog insideHPC.

ORNL’s David Bernholdt on the Importance of Message Passing Interface to Supercomputing

The Exascale Computing Project's (ECP) Mike Bernhardt chatted with David Bernholdt of Oak Ridge National Laboratory on November 14 at the SC18 supercomputing conference in Dallas about his career, the evolution and significance of message passing interface (MPI) in parallel computing, and how ECP has influenced his team's efforts.

ECP Software Technology (ST) Capability Assessment Report (CAR)

U.S. Department of Energy Exascale Computing Project (ECP) This ECP Software Technology (ST) Capability Assessment Report (CAR) provides an overview and assessment of current ECP ST capabilities and activities, giving

ECP Launches “Let’s Talk Exascale” Podcast Series

The insideHPC blog reports on the new podcast that explores the activities, challenges, accomplishments, and science impact of the Exascale Computing Project.

Understanding, Storing, and Curating Scientific Data at Exascale

The Data and Visualization project is responsible for the storage and visualization aspects of the ECP and for helping its researchers understand, store, and curate scientific data. The Let's Talk Exascale podcast features a conversation with the project's principal investigator, Jim Ahrens of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Helping Scientists Save Time and Strengthen Software Development

A mathematical, or numerical, software library is a collection of algorithms and software that can make the development of scientific applications better, faster, and cheaper. The Extreme-Scale Scientific Software Development Kit project coordinates and enables dependable mathematical software libraries designed and developed for exascale platforms.

ANL’s Rajeev Thakur: An Exascale Software Stack

ANL's Rajeev Thakur: Breaking Down the Exascale Software Stack

Making It All Work: Developing a Software Stack for Exascale

(This is an introductory-level article targeted for readers somewhat new to HPC and exascale.) Without the invisible infrastructure called the software stack, even the world’s fastest computer wouldn’t compute much

CEED Co-Design Center Launches New Website

The website for the ECP's Center for Efficient Exascale Discretizations (CEED) co-design center is now live. CEED is one of the ECP’s five co-design centers established to overcome performance barriers

Stepping Up Software for Exascale

An exascale software discussion with HPC veteran Jack Dongarra Professor Jack Dongarra is one of the distinguished SC Perennials, a group of 13 individuals who have attended each SC conference

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