Exascale Computing Project Portfolio Presentation Videos

The US Department of Energy’s Exascale Computing Project (ECP) recently held its 2021 Virtual Online Annual Meeting. The meeting is foundational to the success of the project. It provides a unique career opportunity for networking, collaboration, education, and training.

Today, the ECP research community is composed of more than 1,000 people: researchers, domain scientists, US high-performance computing (HPC) hardware vendors, and project management experts who support ECP’s technical research focus areas—Application Development, Software Technology, and Hardware and Integration.

We thought the wake of another highly successful ECP Annual Meeting would be an especially appropriate moment to highlight for a wide-ranging audience some accomplishments and potential impacts of ECP’s diverse project portfolios.

Therefore, the following is a compilation of brief, high-level presentations from the technical leads of many of the portfolios. We hope you find this information insightful.

Application Development

Earth and Space Sciences Applications

Lead: Daniel Martin, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Data Analytics and Optimization Applications

Lead: William Hart, Sandia National Laboratories


National Security Applications

Lead: Marianne Francois, Los Alamos National Laboratory


Co-design Applications

Lead: Tim Germann, Los Alamos National Laboratory


Software Technology

Programming Models and Runtimes

Lead: Rajeev Thakur, Argonne National Laboratory


Mathematical Libraries

Lead: Sherry Li, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Data and Visualization

Lead: Jim Ahrens, Los Alamos National Laboratory


Software Ecosystem and Delivery

Lead: Todd Munson, Argonne National Laboratory


NNSA Software Technology

Kathryn Mohror, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Hardware and Integration

Hardware Evaluation

Lead: Scott Pakin, Los Alamos National Laboratory


Application Integration at the Facilities

Lead: Scott Parker, Argonne National Laboratory


Software Deployment at the Facilities

Lead: Ryan Adamson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Training and Productivity

Lead: Ashley Barker, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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