ECP Software Technology Capability Assessment Report V2.0 is Released

Cover image of ECP Software Technology Capability Assessment Report V2.0—PublicThe latest update (V2.0) of the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Exascale Computing Project (ECP) Software Technology (ST) Capability Assessment Report (CAR) is now available. It provides an overview and assessment of current ECP ST capabilities and activities, giving stakeholders and the broader HPC community information that can be used to assess ECP ST progress and plan their own efforts accordingly. ECP ST leaders commit to updating this document on a regular basis (every six to 12 months).

This new CAR introduces the FY20–23 project structure, describes new and enhanced project management processes and resources, provides updated ECP L4 project summaries to reflect progress and next steps, and further describes the Extreme-scale Scientific Software Stack (E4S).

The ECP ST focus area represents the key bridge between exascale systems and the scientists developing applications that will run on those platforms. ECP ST efforts contribute to 70 software products in six technical areas. Since the publishing of CAR V1.5, ECP ST has introduced a product dictionary of official product names, which enables more rigorous mapping of ECP ST deliverables to stakeholders.

The report may be obtained from the ECP website.