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Spotlight on ECP’s Cancer Distributed Learning Environment (CANDLE) Project

In a video chat, Rick Stevens, principal investigator for the Cancer Distributed Learning Environment (CANDLE) project within ECP, shares information about, and highlights from, CANDLE, a collaborative effort involving four US Department of Energy national laboratories.

Energy Department Advances Supercomputing in Fight Against Cancer

From harnessing the power of the atom to sequencing the human genome, the Department of Energy (DOE) has a long history of developing cutting-edge science and technology. One of the fresh challenges DOE has taken on is the use of supercomputers to accelerate cancer research.

Computational Technologies are Key Weapons in Attacking Cancer

John Russell writes in HPCwire that the role of computational technologies in the quest for precision medicine for cancer has become increasingly important.

CANDLE Project Addresses Top Challenges

HPCwire details the Exascale Computing Project's effort aimed at building a scalable deep neural network code to take on the major challenges in cancer research.

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