Exascale Day Audio: Brandon Draeger

Impact Area: Discovery and Insights in Research


Brandon Draeger, HPE


Hi. I’m Brandon Draeger. I was formerly at Cray and now at HPE, where I have led product marketing for our specialty High Performance Compute and AI businesses for the last several years.

In these roles, I have had the privilege of helping tell the story of how HPE and Cray—working with our partners AMD and Intel—are delivering the first exascale-class systems for the US Department of Energy. Systems that officially mark the start of the exascale era.

What is exciting to me about this new era in computing is the ability to enable researchers and developers to push back the boundaries of computing. To use the capabilities of these new systems to bring the power of modeling, simulation, and AI together—in unified workflows to solve the world’s most challenging problems at extreme scale.

I believe this ability will truly be an inflection point—one that will mark the start of a new chapter of discovery and insights in all aspects of research for all organizations—both public and private.

From research into new materials, to clean and renewable energy sources, for the development of better medical treatments, and to better understand the issues confronting us all—due to climate change.

At HPE we are thrilled to play some small part in ushering the exascale era—and look forward to making many of these technologies available to all of our customers. By doing that—we hope to enable more visionaries and leaders to ask what if, why not, and what’s next—because they are the ones that make the world better for all of us. And to me—that is the true promise of the exascale era.