Strategies for Working Remotely at the DOE Laboratories of the Future Workshop on Effective Teaming and Virtual Collaboration

October 13, 2021 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Susannah Howieson

Strategies for Working Remotely will be a topic of discussion in the next DOE Laboratories of the Future (LOTF) workshop. We hope you will join us!

DOE laboratories are globally recognized to be masters of science at scale, interdisciplinary research, and operating national user facilities. At the same time, the laboratory complex is entering its eighth decade of existence and retains vestiges of its World War II roots. As the stewards of this national treasure, it is our job to ensure the laboratories have the resources and structures to thrive for the next 70 years and beyond.

Purpose of Workshop: The next event in the DOE Laboratories of the Future (LOTF) workshop series will be focused on effective teaming across the DOE laboratories and how we can best integrate new tools and mechanisms for virtual collaboration. Panel speakers will address:

  • How do decision-making teams work together effectively?
  • How can virtual collaborative tools help stimulate innovative collaborations?
  • What are strategies for working remotely at the national labs?
  • What new models of collaborative teaming can be adopted?


  • Dr. Nancy Cooke, Arizona State University – Effective Teamwork for DOE Laboratories of the Future

    Dr. Gary OlsonUniversity of California, Irvine – Virtual Collaborative Scholarship

    Dr. Elaine Raybourn, Sandia National Laboratories – Strategies for Working Remotely

    Dr. Francesca Poli, Oppenheimer Science and Energy Leadership Program  –  Championing New Models of Flexibility to Enhance Scientific Impact


  • Susannah Howieson, Office of Strategic Planning and Interagency Coordination (SPAIC), Department of Energy