Kokkos Online Class Series

September 4, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Christian Trott

1st Kokkos Lecture Series July-September

The Kokkos team will provide its first Kokkos Lecture Series, where attendees learn everything necessary to start using Kokkos to write performance portable code. This Kokkos Lecture Series will consist of a 2-hour online lecture every Friday and exercises as homework. The team will provide support via GitHub and Slack throughout the time of the training.

What is Kokkos?

Kokkos is a C++ Programming Model for Performance Portability developed by a team spanning some of the major HPC facilities in the world. It allows developers to implement their applications in a single source fashion, with hardware vendor agnostic programming patterns. Implemented as a C++ template meta programming library, Kokkos can be used with the primary tool chains on any HPC platforms. The model is used by many HPC applications both within and outside the US, and is the primary programming model for the efforts of the Sandia National Laboratory to make their engineering and science codes ready for exascale. At this point more than 100 projects are using Kokkos to obtain performance portability.

The tutorial will teach attendees the basics of Kokkos programming through a step-by-step sequence of lectures and hands-on exercises. Fundamental concerns of performance portable programming will be explained. At the end of the training, attendees will have learned how to dispatch parallel work with Kokkos, do parallel reductions, manage data, identify and manage data layout issues and expose hierarchical parallelism. Attendees will also learn about advanced topics such as using SIMD vector types, tasking and integrate Kokkos with MPI. Furthermore the Kokkos Lecture Series will cover the use of Kokkos Tools to profile and tune applications, as well as leveraging the KokkosKernels math library to access performance portable linear algebra operations. The material used during the training will be available online, including the exercises and their solutions. Support hours will be offered to answer questions and help with exercises – including access to Cloud Instances with GPUs to do the exercises (we may need to limit attendee numbers for those depending on demand).

Contents of the Tutorial

This is a preliminary outline of the training. We are keeping a 9th day in reserve for anticipated schedule slippage. The lectures will be held Fridays: 10:00-12:00 MT (12:00-14:00 ET; 9:00-11:00 PT).

Module 1: Introduction 07/17/2020

  • Introduction
  • How to build
  • Data parallel execution patterns

Module 2: Views and Spaces 07/24/2020

  • Views
  • Memory Space and Execution Spaces
  • Memory access patterns (layouts)

Module 3: Data Structures and MDRange 07/31/2020

  • Subview
  • MDRange
  • Dual View
  • Atomics
  • Scatter View

Module 4: Hierarchical Parallelism 08/07/2020

  • Hierarchical parallelism
  • Scratch Space

Module 5: Streams, Tasking and SIMD 08/14/2020

  • Stream Integration
  • Tasking
  • SIMD

Module 6: MPI and PGAS 08/21/2020

  • MPI
  • PGAS

Module 7: Tools 08/28/2020

  • Profiling
  • Tuning
  • Static Analysis

Module 8: Kokkos Kernels 09/04/2020

  • BLAS
  • Sparse BLAS

Backup Day: 09/11/2020

How to Attend

  • The lecture series is available to everyone
  • No-cost registration is necessary, meeting password will be send to registrants.
  • For the exercises access to an NVIDIA GPU system or AMD GPU system with up-to-date software stack is recommended.

For updates and questions visit: https://github.com/kokkos/kokkos-tutorials/issues/38