ECP First Annual Meeting – Photo Gallery

ECP held its first annual meeting Jan. 29 – Feb 3, 2017 in Knoxville, TN, bringing together 450 attendees to discuss collaborative efforts, challenges, solutions, and shared milestones for the DOE Office of Science and NNSA sponsored Exascale Computing Project.

ANL’s Rajeev Thakur, ECP Director of Software Technology had this to say: “It was a good meeting of most of the project participants in ECP as well as representatives from the DOE facilities, vendors, and other stakeholders. The ECP Software Technology project participants were able to engage in collaborative discussions with each other and with applications and co-design centers and identify numerous opportunities for collaborative work and shared milestones.”

Sandia’s Jim Ang, ECP Director of Hardware Technology commented,“I am glad that some members of the vendor community were able to see the scale and scope of the overall ECP effort.  I am hopeful they will see the opportunity for engaging in holistic co-design with the application and software development teams in ECP.”

Attendees were enthusiastic about the invited guest speaker, Dr. Michael McQuade, Senior Vice President for Science & Technology at United Technologies Corporation. Dr. McQuade gave an inspiring speech to remind all those in attendance of the importance of their work and the absolute need for factual accuracy in scientific research.

As ORNL HPC colleague, Fernanda Foertter so eloquently tweeted,“Inspiring talk at @exascaleproject tonight by Dr. J. Michael McQuade, SVP of Science and Tech @UTC. Bonus points: Physicist + no slides.”

We hope you enjoy the photo gallery from the ECP first Annual Meeting.

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