Project Highlights

ExaWind Project Demonstrates Blade-Resolved Simulation of the NREL 5 MW Reference Wind Turbine

ECP's ExaWind project aims to advance the fundamental comprehension of whole wind plant performance. The ExaWind team recently performed a turbine simulation that establishes a key baseline for its computer modeling and programming efforts.

AMRex Co-Design Center Helps Five Application Projects Reach Performance Goals

ECP's AMReX Co-Design Center makes available a state-of-the-art AMR infrastructure with the functionality that five ECP application projects and other AMR applications use to be able to effectively take advantage of current and future architectures.

ExaGraph Collaboration with STRUMPACK/SuperLU: Factorization-Based Sparse Solvers and Preconditioners for Exascale

Collaboration is key to the success of ECP. One such fruitful collaboration features the teamwork between the Sparse Solvers Software Technology project and the ExaGraph Co-Design Center.

Video Highlight: SLATE Project Aims to Provide Basic Dense Matrix Operations for Exascale

The objective of the Software for Linear Algebra Targeting Exascale (SLATE) project is to provide basic dense matrix operations in support of ECP's efforts to build a capable exascale computing ecosystem. Jakub Kurzak of the University of Tennessee and SLATE shares insights about the project.

Current Efforts with ExaSMR—a Monte Carlo Radiation Transport Application

Early access to the hardware components of the approaching Summit supercomputer reveals the achievable level of performance improvement for ExaSMR’s Monte Carlo radiation transport solver.