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Improving Energy Efficiency in the Software Stack

A special guest feature by Siddhartha Jana in the blog insideHPC provides an update on cross-community efforts to improve energy efficiency in the software stack.

From ZDNet: A Model Supercomputer for Exascale Testing is as Easy as Raspberry Pi

"Exascale" refers to computing systems at least 50 times faster than the most powerful supercomputers in use today. The problem faced by Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and similar labs

The Hair-Raising Potential of Exascale Animation

As the development and accessibility of high-performance computers explode beyond current limits, so too will the creative possibilities for the future of CG animation ignite.

Computational Technologies are Key Weapons in Attacking Cancer

John Russell writes in HPCwire that the role of computational technologies in the quest for precision medicine for cancer has become increasingly important.

Invited Talk Examines Computational Chemistry, Newest Architectures, and Next-Generation Computers

This preview from insideHPC covers an invited SC17 talk on computational chemistry as it relates to the newest architectures and next-generation computers.

Exascale and the City

Exascale computing could help city planners, designers, and managers adapt cities to keep up with the complex and evolving needs of urban systems.

PathForward Vendor Hewlett Packard Enterprise Presents Eighteen Zeros Video

Watch a movie by Exascale Computing Project PathForward Vendor Hewlett Packard Enterprise on how the implications of an exascale computer will touch every aspect of our lives.

HPCwire – Argonne Training Program: Leaning into the Supercomputing Learning Curve

HPCwire -  The Exascale Computing Project's ATPESC (Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing.  

Future HPC Leaders Gather at Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing

Exascale computing will open a universe of possibilities to simulate experiments and analyze reams of data. Special training will help scientists seize the opportunity.

Tri Alpha Energy Looks to Exascale Computing

From Posted by: Michael Feldman Fusion Energy Startup is Counting on Exascale Computing Tri Alpha Energy (TAE) is on a mission is to build the world’s first commercially viable

Assessing regional earthquake risk and hazards in the age of exascale

From Science Daily Assessing regional earthquake risk and hazards in the age of exascale With emerging exascale supercomputers, researchers will soon be able to accurately simulate the ground motions of

OLCF’s 200 Petaflops Summit Machine Still Slated for 2018 Start-up

HPCwire reports on a talk by Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility researcher Wayne Joubert on the status of the Summit supercomputer.

ECP Co-Design Center Achieves Orders of Magnitude Speed-Up in Latest Software Release

An article in HPCwire reports on the progress in software development of the Exascale Computing Project's Block-Structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement Co-Design Center.

Exascale Computing to Help Accelerate Drive for Clean Fusion Energy

Exascale Computing to Help Accelerate Drive for Clean Fusion Energy Jon Bashor Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Computing Sciences   For decades, scientists have struggled to create a clean, unlimited energy

HPCwire: Exascale Computing to Help Accelerate Drive for Clean Fusion Energy

An article by Jon Bashor of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Computing Sciences examines the need for exascale computing power to advance research on fusion reactor design and highlights the potential for collaboration with industry partners who will require this kind of power.

insideHPC: Exascale Computing to Accelerate Clean Fusion Energy

Using supercomputers to model and simulate plasma behavior, scientists have made great strides toward building a working fusion reactor. Exascale systems will bring the promise of fusion energy closer.

Feature: Cartography of the Cosmos

John Spizzirri at Argonne National Laboratory writes about the "Computing the Sky at Extreme Scales" project, or "ExaSky," one of the first efforts funded by the Exascale Computing Project.

HPCwire on IDEAS-ECP Training from the Exascale Computing Project

HPCwire describes how IDEAS-ECP training delivers insight on software development to the research community.

insideHPC: Exascale Computing Project Names Doug Kothe as Director

HPCwire: ECP Names Doug Kothe As New ECP Director