Exascale Day Audio: Ai Kagawa

Transcript: Hello, my name’s Ai Kagawa from Brookhaven National Lab. My area of research, and something I’m quite passionate about, is reinforcement

Exascale Day Audio: Jackie Chen

Transcript: Hi, I’m Jackie Chen. I’m a computational combustion scientist at Sandia National Labs in the Combustion Research Facility. I’m the

Exascale Day Audio: Steven Hamilton

Transcript: My name is Steven Hamilton and I work in the Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Within the Exascale

Exascale Day Audio: Tzanio Kolev

Transcript: My name is Tzanio Kolev and I am a computational mathematician at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. I am also the director of the

Exascale Day Audio: Meifeng Lin

Transcript: I am Meifeng Lin from Brookhaven National Laboratory. I am a computational scientist and the group leader of high-performance computing

Exascale Day Audio: Katrin Heitmann

Transcript: I’m Katrin Heitmann of Argonne National Laboratory, and I’m part of the High Energy Physics division at Argonne. My area of research is

Exascale Day Audio: Kathryn Mohror

Transcript: I’m Kathryn Mohror from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and I work in the area of I/O [input/output] for high-performance

Exascale Day Audio: Jean-Luc Vay

Transcript: Hi, I’m Jean-Luc Vay from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. I’m the PI [principal investigator] of one of the exascale computing

Exascale Day Audio: Danny Perez

Transcript: My name is Danny Perez from the Theoretical Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Since my days as an undergraduate, I have been

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