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Exascale Computing Project Software Helps Launch a New Era for NASA  

ECP Software Helps Launch a New Era for NASA

Exascale Drives Industry Innovation for a Better Future

Exascale capability opens pathways to explore promising new technologies and products and accelerate time to commercialization.

ECP Researcher is Chosen for Energy Department Office of Science Honor

Jacqueline Chen, who leads the ECP Combustion-Pele subproject, has been selected by the US Department of Energy's Office of Science as a distinguished scientist fellow—one of only eight researchers in the nation to hold the distinction.

Argonne Lab Conducts Groundbreaking Simulation of Flow Inside Combustion Engine

Argonne National Laboratory writes about the largest-ever simulation of the flow inside a combustion engine made possible by award-winning software.

Exascale Computing Could Drastically Boost the Capabilities of Energy Applications

Tom Evans, technical lead for ECP's Energy Applications projects, shares about the motivations, progress, and aspirations on the path to the exascale.

Gasifier simulation with MFIX-DEM

Watch how coal and ash particles flow and react with air and steam flowing upwards in this gasifier simulation.

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