ECP Researcher is Chosen for Energy Department Office of Science Honor

Jacqueline Chen, who leads the Combustion-Pele subproject in the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Exascale Computing Project (ECP), has been selected by DOE’s Office of Science as a distinguished scientist fellow. She is one of only eight researchers in the nation to hold the distinction.

Known as a pioneer in advanced computational methods to understand combustion and chemical reactions relevant to engines, Chen was chosen for the Office of Science honor for her career pushing the limits of supercomputers and applied math research to make engines more efficient while minimizing harmful emissions. She is a senior scientist in the Chemistry, Combustion, and Materials Division of Sandia National Laboratories.

As a distinguished fellow, Chen will use her expertise and her worldwide connections to advance machine learning and simulate engine combustion in even greater detail, to make engines cleaner and more efficient, stated the announcement from Sandia posted on HPCwire. 

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