A Discussion with ECP’s Director—August 2018

Exascale Computing Project (ECP) Director Doug Kothe talks with ECP Communications Manager Mike Bernhardt about some of the project’s most recent accomplishments.

Topics discussed:

  • The newest ECP Co-Design Center, ExaLearn, which is focused on machine learning technologies
  • The recently published ECP Software Technology Capability Assessment Report, a document that will serve both the ECP research community and the broader HPC community
  • A recent highlight article and video interview on the ExaSMR project, which is aimed at high-fidelity modeling of coupled neutronics and fluid dynamics to create virtual experimental datasets for small modular nuclear reactors
  • The key role performance measurement plays for a project such as ECP

For more on those achievements and other ECP news, check out the ECP Update newsletter (published August 21, 2018), “Leadership, Collaboration, and a Focus on Key Exascale Challenges.”