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Improving Energy Efficiency in the Software Stack

A special guest feature by Siddhartha Jana in the blog insideHPC provides an update on cross-community efforts to improve energy efficiency in the software stack.

An Up-Close View of the Software that Underpins the Exascale Computing Project

Scientists developing applications for exascale systems depend on an intricate set of software that makes the computing system usable and the job of the application developer easier. The broad services this software provides are often collectively referred to as the software stack.

ANL’s Rajeev Thakur: An Exascale Software Stack

ANL's Rajeev Thakur: Breaking Down the Exascale Software Stack

Making It All Work: Developing a Software Stack for Exascale

(This is an introductory-level article targeted for readers somewhat new to HPC and exascale.) Without the invisible infrastructure called the software stack, even the world’s fastest computer wouldn’t compute much

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