Rajeev Thakur

Director, Software Technology

Argonne National Laboratory

9700 South Cass Avenue
Building 240
Argonne IL 60439

(630) 252-7847

[email protected]

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Dr. Rajeev Thakur is the Director of the software technology focus area of the Exascale Computing Project. In this role, he will oversee the creation and co-design of a scalable and coherent software stack that can be used for a board spectrum of applications on the exascale systems.

Thakur is a senior computer scientist at Argonne National Laboratory and was most recently the Deputy Director of the Mathematics and Computer Science Division. He is also a Senior Fellow in the Computation Institute at the University of Chicago.

An expert in high-performance computing and parallel programming, Thakur has coauthored two books, over 40 journal articles and book chapters and over 100 conference papers in his field.

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