Jonathan Carter

Deputy Director, Software Technology

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

7000 East Avenue
Livermore CA 94550

(925) 423-7875

[email protected]

Jonathan Carter has been the Computing Sciences deputy at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory since 2010. His interests are in the evaluation of system architectures and algorithms for high-performance computing and in computational chemistry and physics simulations. His recent work has examined computer architectures beyond the end of Moore’s Law and has focused on techniques to perform simulations for computational chemistry using new quantum computing testbeds.

Jonathan has used computing resources as a domain scientist, conducted performance analysis of computer architectures, and moved large-scale computational systems from idea to reality. Before coming to Berkeley Lab, he worked at the IBM Almaden Research Center in the Center for Computational Chemistry with a focus on developing fast, accurate, and usable electronic structure models and software. Jonathan holds a PhD and a BS in chemistry from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.

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