Facility Resource Utilization

Lead: Haritha Siddabathuni Som, Argonne National Laboratory

Producing an exascale-capable environment requires access to high-performance computing (HPC) resources for the purpose of application and software testing and development. Facility Resource Utilization is a collaboration between the Exascale Computing Project (ECP) and US Department of Energy (DOE) HPC facilities to ensure effective access to current production systems and pre-exascale and exascale computers.

Description: Efficient management and productive use of system resources made available to the ECP through DOE HPC Facilities.

Each application development (AD), software technology, and hardware and integration subproject identifies a scope of work with goals and deliverables tied to ECP key performance parameters. For example, AD teams have determined figures of merit to show progress in the development of code speed and capability and have budgeted staff to execute these plans. To achieve these goals, research teams must have access to computing resources to deploy, run, and test their codes. For AD teams, this includes establishing benchmarks on existing petascale resources.

ECP researchers who need access to pre-exascale and future exascale computers to complete ECP milestones, such as developing and tuning applications and software on the target exascale architectures, can apply for time through the ECP user programs. The execution of the ECP user programs is the responsibility of the Resource Allocation Council, which comprises leadership from the Facilities and ECP focus areas.

Facility Resource and Utilization is responsible for a process that solicits proposals for system resources from the ECP subprojects for pre-exascale systems. The priority of the proposed work, its relevance to the ECP mission, and the appropriate association of the work with relevant milestones is assessed, and approved proposals are awarded time on the systems. Quarterly, allocation award recipients who have used system allocations over the threshold value are required to complete a summary of usage. Facility Resource and Utilization is also responsible for the creation of the Exascale Systems User Program for KPP demonstration on the exascale resources that will allow for a formal method of managing the resources and will ensure efficient and productive use of available resources.

Lead: Haritha Siddabathuni Som, Argonne National Laboratory

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