Monthly Archives: August 2019

Experts Weigh in on the Game-Changing Nature of Exascale Computing

A Q&A from the social network and blogging platform for technical professionals called Built In shares insights from three experts on exascale, the next goal for supercomputing.

CANDLE will Advance Cancer Research and Other Areas as Well

An article on the US Department of Energy website takes a look at the CANcer Distributed Learning Environment, or CANDLE.

From HPCwire: Cray Wins NNSA–Livermore ‘El Capitan’ Exascale Contract

Cray will build El Capitan, the first exascale supercomputer for the National Nuclear Security Administration and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

ECP’s ExaStar Project Seeks Answers Hidden in the Cosmos

The ExaStar project aims to create simulations for comparison with experiments and observations to help answer a variety of questions.

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