Brookhaven National Laboratory

Revisiting the CANcer Distributed Learning Environment (CANDLE) Project

The CANcer Distributed Learning Environment (CANDLE) project provides deep-learning computing methodologies for accelerating cancer research.

Leveraging Machine Learning for Computational and Experimental Science and Engineering

Machine learning technologies are creating inspiring new opportunity vistas for scientific discovery and research at the exascale.

ECP’s SOLLVE Offers User-Support Office Hours to Surmount OpenMP Snags

Application developers can get expert answers through Zoom-based calls to coding questions pertaining to OpenMP offloading.

Sunita Chandrasekaran Reflects on Teaching Supercomputing and Leading the ECP SOLLVE Project

As principal investigator of the ECP SOLLVE project, Sunita Chandrasekaran emphasizes the development of sustainable software.

The Exascale Computing Project Selects Sunita Chandrasekaran as Principal Investigator of the SOLLVE Project

Sunita Chandrasekaran of Brookhaven National Laboratory is the new principal investigator of the SOLLVE project, which is advancing OpenMPI.

Workflow Technologies Impact SC20 Gordon Bell COVID-19 Award Winner and Two of the Three Finalists

The winner and two of three finalists of the SC20 Gordon Bell Special Award for COVID-19 competition leveraged the scalable workflow technologies brou

Solving Big Questions Takes Big Computing Power—and a Robust Software Development Tools Portfolio

The Exascale Computing Project's software engineers and computer scientists are building a pyramid—a software stack—that will support exascale's full processing power.

Rewriting a Legacy Computational Chemistry Software Package for Larger Simulations and Exascale Speed

A collaborative team is working to get NWChem ready to run on exascale machines and to provide a starting point for future code development.

Getting Ready to Use OpenMP in Exascale Computing

An article on by Ariana Tantillo of Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) describes team activities during the recent OpenMP hackathon at BNL.

Brookhaven National Laboratory GPU Hackathon 2019: Call for Applications

The Computational Science Initiative at Brookhaven National Laboratory will host its 3rd GPU Hackathon, a free event, on September 23–27.

ECP Announces New Co-Design Center to Focus on Exascale Machine Learning Technologies

New ExaLearn Co-Design Center to be led by Brookhaven National Laboratory's Francis (Frank) Alexander. The Exascale Computing Project has initiated its sixth Co-Design Center, ExaLearn, to be led by Principal

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