Application: seismic

EQSIM and RAJA: Enabling Exascale Predictions of Earthquake Effects on Critical Infrastructure

Scientists can combine high-performance computing with geophysical and seismographic data from past events to simulate the physics of earthquakes

Q&A Highlights Project Aimed at Predicting Earthquake Damage to Infrastructure

A question-and-answer article from Berkeley Lab checks in with David McCallen, principal investigator of a project that is modeling the Hayward Fault.

Recent Success Snapshots: Application Highlight Roundup

Narrative snapshots in time chronicle highlights of some of the Application Development efforts within ECP.

Exascale Holds the Key to Generating Realistic and Accurate Scenarios of Future Earthquakes

Computer simulation has become an essential and core component of earthquake design for major infrastructure, but researchers need to better understand and quantify future earthquakes. Exascale computing could allow for the realization of such advances. Learn more on Let's Talk Exascale.

ECP: Shaking Things up With Earthquake Simulation

Lawrence Livermore and Lawrence Berkeley national laboratory scientists have used some of the world’s most powerful supercomputers to model ground

Simulations for Earthquake Risk Assessment

Exascale computing can dramatically increase our understanding of earthquake processes and improve estimates of future ground motions.

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