Monthly Archives: January 2020

Earth and Space Science Applications Simulate Elusive Phenomena to Confirm Observations

Exascale Computing Project Earth and Space Science teams are producing sophisticated tools for large-scale scientific discoveries.

Better Scientific Productivity through Better Scientific Software: The IDEAS Report

A newly released report introduces work to advance software productivity and sustainability for extreme-scale computational science.

Rewriting a Legacy Computational Chemistry Software Package for Larger Simulations and Exascale Speed

A collaborative team is working to get NWChem ready to run on exascale machines and to provide a starting point for future code development.

Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing Scheduled for July 26–August 7, 2020

Computational scientists now have the opportunity to apply for the upcoming Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing.

Providing Exascale Solutions for the Assembly and Analysis of Metagenomic Data

Kathy Yelick and Lenny Oliker of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory explain why understanding microbial communities is so important.

Developing a Codebase for Deep Learning on Supercomputers to Fight Cancer

Gina Tourassi discusses the Oak Ridge National Laboratory effort within the Exascale Deep Learning–Enabled Precision Medicine for Cancer (CANDLE) project.

Aiming to be among the First Applications to Run at Exascale

The ExaSky project conducts extreme-scale simulations to further our understanding of the makeup and evolution of the universe.

BP Turns to ORNL to Help Manage, Access Growing Datasets

For assistance in managing and accessing their increasingly large and complex datasets, researchers at BP are working with Oak Ridge National Lab's experts.

Method Enables Collaborative Software Teams to Enhance Effectiveness and Efficiency

Productivity Sustainability Improvement Planning enables software developers to identify development bottlenecks and track progress to overcome them.

Tackling the Complex Task of Software Deployment and Continuous Integration at Facilities

Ensuring speedup for exascale, managing dependencies and versions, and fostering great collaborative communication are key in deploying ECP software.

Optimizing Math Libraries to Prepare Applications for Exascale Computing

The Let's Talk Exascale podcast looks at the xSDK4ECP and hypre projects with Ulrike Meier Yang of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

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