Monthly Archives: June 2019

Q&A Considers the Landscape of Computing in the Era Beyond Exascale

A Q&A shares the thoughts of John Shalf of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory about what high-performance computing may be like after Moore's Law ends.

Exascale Computing Could Drastically Boost the Capabilities of Energy Applications

Tom Evans, technical lead for ECP's Energy Applications projects, shares about the motivations, progress, and aspirations on the path to the exascale.

PAPI++ as De Facto Standard Interface for Performance Event Monitoring at the Exascale

ECP's Exa-PAPI project is developing a new performance application programming interface, named PAPI++, by taking advantage of modern C++ programming

Getting Ready to Use OpenMP in Exascale Computing

An article on by Ariana Tantillo of Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) describes team activities during the recent OpenMP hackathon at BNL.

Brookhaven National Laboratory GPU Hackathon 2019: Call for Applications

The Computational Science Initiative at Brookhaven National Laboratory will host its 3rd GPU Hackathon, a free event, on September 23–27.

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