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The Food Industry’s Next Journey—from Mars to Exascale

The chief science officer for Mars, Incorporated, said exascale computing will be a radical enabler for helping the food, nutrition, and agriculture sectors evolve and possibly revolutionize themselves to address grand challenges.

Pushing MPI and Open MPI to Exascale

David Bernholdt of Oak Ridge National Laboratory provides an inside view of the Open MPI for Exascale project in the next ECP podcast episode.

Exascale and the Food Industry

Mars, Incorporated, the world’s leading chocolate company and one of the largest food manufacturers, has a unique perspective on the impact that exascale computing will have on the food industry.

ECP: Shaking Things up With Earthquake Simulation

Lawrence Livermore and Lawrence Berkeley national laboratory scientists have used some of the world’s most powerful supercomputers to model ground

Addressing Fault Tolerance and Providing Data Reduction at Exascale

Franck Cappello of Argonne National Laboratory leads two ECP projects, VeloC and EZ, and discusses them in the ECP's podcast, Let's Talk Exascale.

Exascale: No. 1 Priority for DOE Science Office

An article in the public-sector IT publication GCN highlights the national importance of reaching exascale, the next computing power platform.

Delivering Efficient Parallel I/O with HDF5 on Exascale Computing Systems

Suren Byna of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Quincey Koziol of the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center share insights about the ExaHDF5 project in the ECP podcast.

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