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Picking the Best Set of Proxy Apps to Represent ECP Applications

The Proxy Apps project is curating a collection of proxy apps that will represent the real applications of importance to the ECP. The project's principal investigator, David Richards of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, is in the latest ECP podcast episode.

Conducting Unbiased Annual Evaluations of ECP Applications

Kenny Roche of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory leads the ECP’s Application Assessment Project. He recently spoke with ECP Communications for the Let's Talk Exascale Podcast.

The Exascale Data and Visualization Project

Jim Ahrens of Los Alamos National Laboratory gives insights about the ECP Data and Visualization project in the Let's Talk Exascale podcast.

ECP Launches “Let’s Talk Exascale” Podcast Series

The insideHPC blog reports on the new podcast that explores the activities, challenges, accomplishments, and science impact of the Exascale Computing Project.

Lighting the Way to Exascale Precision Medicine

Rick Stevens of Argonne National Laboratory spoke with ECP Communications at SC17 in Denver about the ECP project he leads, called CANcer Distributed Learning Environment (CANDLE).

Understanding, Storing, and Curating Scientific Data at Exascale

The Data and Visualization project is responsible for the storage and visualization aspects of the ECP and for helping its researchers understand, store, and curate scientific data. The Let's Talk Exascale podcast features a conversation with the project's principal investigator, Jim Ahrens of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Making Components of GAMESS Software More Scalable

Mark Gordon, Ames Laboratory Associate and Distinguished Professor at Iowa State University, spoke with ECP Communications at SC17 in Denver about the ECP project he leads, called General Atomic and Molecular Electronic Structure System (GAMESS).

Extending the Reach of Molecular Dynamics Simulations by Leveraging Exascale

Danny Perez of Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) spoke with ECP Communications at SC17 in Denver. Perez is a member of the Exascale Atomistic Capability for Accuracy, Length, and Time (EXAALT) project team, led by Principal Investigator Arthur Voter, also of LANL.

Nation’s Quest for Exascale ‘on a Solid Foundation’

Writing in HPCwire, Alex Larzelere, technologist, speaker, and author on a number of disruptive technologies, states that the US exascale program is poised to have an excellent 2018.

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