Hardware and Integration


PathForward Vendor: IBM

Principal Investigators: Scott Pakin, lead, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Trent D’Hooge, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Goal: To develop, assess and optimize an Exascale Systems Solution concept combining IBM POWER processors, GPUs, high-performance networks, and high-performance storage for possible submission to a US Department of Energy (DOE) Exascale RFP in the 2019 timeframe.

Aspects/requirements: IBM is exploring co-designed hardware, software and applications addressing a broad set of DOE workloads. Our intention is to optimize a systems architecture to meet DOE Exascale requirements. The solution will support modularity, scalability and configurability for specific workloads and DOE opportunities. To this end, IBM’s PathForward research focusses on architectural innovations, system component innovations and technology innovations.

Milestones: IBM’s PathForward project spans 10 separate work packages, with a total of 78 milestones, with completion dates spanning from March 2017 through December 2019 (33 months). At the end of CY17, as planned, 22 milestones have been submitted.