Hardware and Integration


PathForward Vendor: AMD

Principal Investigator: Scott Atchley, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

AMD’s PathForward research program is accelerating critical computing technology research for the development of the nation’s first exascale supercomputers. AMD’s PathForward program addresses the four key technical challenges of exascale computing: parallelism, memory and storage, reliability, and energy consumption. The on-going research focuses on CPU and GPU microarchitecture, memory systems, component integration, and high-speed interconnects. AMD’s work for PathForward emphasizes an open, standards-based approach to heterogeneous computing to improve the performance, power-efficiency, and ease of use for exascale systems. While the initial driver for this research is for next-generation exascale supercomputers, the technologies developed are anticipated to have far-reaching impact on AMD’s hardware and software capabilities beyond the HPC marketplace including Cloud/datacenters, enterprise and business computing, machine learning, data analytics, national security, medicine, and more.

AMD’s PathForward research takes a holistic approach to achieving the challenging exascale performance, power, memory, and other objectives. The PathForward research activities focus on developing the fundamental technologies required to advance individual technology components such as CPUs, GPUs, interconnects, and memory technologies. These are the components that could be used to design and assemble an exascale node architecture utilizing AMD technology. These efforts involve researching and developing new techniques to, for example, improve performance, reduce power consumption, reduce and manage data movement, and improve programmability and productivity. Tying this research together are the Department of Energy’s (DOE) application drivers. Through an open-source software strategy, AMD is engaged with the DOE through a variety of efforts to drive the technology and architectures to solutions that address the DOE’s objectives. The end state of our PathForward effort is the development of new and innovative technologies that can enable our system integration partners to design and assemble a variety of world-class solutions for exascale computing and beyond that is suited to their individual customer needs.