Software Technology

Software Ecosystem and Delivery

LLNL ATDM Software Ecosystem and Delivery

Principal Investigator: Becky Springmeyer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Providing a full-featured, integrated, and maintainable exascale software stack is essential to support ASC’s computational mission. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is achieving this goal through a broad range of integrated efforts that span the software ecosystem, including internal developments, vendor support, collaborations with other laboratories through ECP, and targeted external contracts. Integrating these efforts provides both coordination, as well as a clear path from R&D to delivery and deployment.

Next Generation Computing Enablement (NGCE) addresses needs of HPC developers on LLNL’s current and future computing systems on the path to exascale. NGCE project areas include system-level software, power-aware computing, and resource management.