Software Technology

Mathematical Libraries

LLNL ATDM Mathematical Libraries

Principal Investigator: Becky Springmeyer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

This project focuses on the MFEM (Modular Finite Element Methods) library that provides high-performance finite element (FE) discretizations to high-order ATDM applications in the ECP. A main component of this effort is the development of ATDM-specific physics enhancements in MFEM finite element algorithms, and the MFEM-based BLAST Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) radiation-hydrodynamics code, to provide efficient discretization components for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s ATDM efforts, including the MARBL application (ECP’s LLNLApp).

A second main task in the project is the development of unique unstructured adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) algorithms in MFEM, that focus on generality, parallel scalability, and ease of integration in unstructured mesh applications. The new AMR capabilities can benefit a variety of ECP apps that use unstructured meshes (complementing the work in AMRex), as well as many other applications in industry and the SciDAC program.

Another aspect of the work is the preparation of the MFEM finite element library and related codes for exascale platforms by using mathematical algorithms and software implementations that exploit increasing on-node concurrency targeting multiple complex architectures (e.g. GPUs). This part of the project is synergistic with and leverages efforts from the CEED co-design center.