Software Technology

Development Tools

LLNL ATDM Development Tools

Principal Investigator: Becky Springmeyer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

This project centers on creating production-quality open source tools and libraries for users of next-generation exascale systems. This includes a project for hardening existing tools (ProTools) and a project for developing new tools for debugging at scale (AID). HPC tool researchers have created a wealth of ideas and prototypes, but they do not always have a path for turning those into hardened production-quality tools and maintaining them. ProTools works with both researchers and application teams to identify and harden the tool software needed for exascale. The team provides software engineering (such as porting, testing, and feature development), develops standardized tool interfaces, and assists application teams with tool integration. The AID team develops new tools and expertise for debugging and code correctness on exascale, with a focus on race condition detection and reproducibility. The prioritization of these software efforts relies on input from exascale applications teams in the ASC program. Major efforts include:

• Caliper—Development and productization of performance analysis infrastructure.
• SCR—Supporting researchers and code teams adopting the Scalable Checkpoint/Restart tool.
• SPOT—Supporting application teams with performance history tracking.
• OMPD—Standardization of a debugging tools interface for OpenMP.
• AID—Development of a next-generation debugging and correctness tool suite.