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Kokkos Support: ECP Applications Effective Use of Kokkos to Achieve Performance Portability

Principal Investigators: H. Carter Edwards, lead, Sandia National Laboratories; Fernanda Foertter, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Galen Shipman, Los Alamos National Laboratory

This project aims to enable application performance portability across next-generation platforms (NGP) on likely paths to exascale; especially the US Department of Energy’s advanced technology systems. It will sustain application developer productivity with effective programming model, support, and training that evolves with NGP architectures and sophistication of application algorithms.

The Kokkos programming model and C++ library enables high performance computing (HPC) C++ applications to productively develop node-level parallelism that is performance portable across exascale compute node architectures (e.g., multicore CPUs, manycore Intel Xeon Phi, and NVIDIA GPU). This effort will support ECP applications’ effective use of Kokkos to achieve performance portability across exascale architectures’ compute nodes.